For published book authors who are interested in establishing an online presence.

Working with Authors Unbound has awarded an opportunity to extend my services on a unique level for published book authors. I hope this affiliation allows you to benefit in an equally successful way!

"Kate has been a GODSEND. We set out on a huge project to rebrand our agency, update current / create new logos, and completely overhaul three complex and interconnected sites. Kate made a consistent effort to really listen to what we needed, provided plenty of options for us to choose from, and was an amazing support through a myriad of growing pains that came along with our expansion. Kate is an expert collaborator, and made us feel so taken care of. Our assets are absolutely gorgeous, and Kate will now be on speed dial for all future website and design support!!"

If you would like to connect with me to learn more about how we can work together, please provide the following information…

541 / 390-5853

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Bend, Oregon